Sunday, February 15, 2015

Dollar Tree St.Pat's Wreath

Cheap and easy. Seriously cheap. Seriously easy.

You will need:
-wreath form ($1)
-feather boas ($1 each)
-bow tie ($1)
-sewing pins

How to-
Stand in the dollar store. 
Wrap $1 feather boas around a $1 wreath form to figure out how many you need. (I needed 4.) 
Go have drinks for happy hour.
Come home, wrap feather boa around the form and pin.  
Continue until the form is covered.
Cut elastic off bow tie and pin onto wreath.
Clean up the feathers because it looked like you murdered Oscar the grouch.  
Wait until the day after Valentine's Day to hang.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Football Wreath

It's too early in my house to decorate for Halloween, so it's chiefs and football around here!
Super easy wreath with stuffed footballs, wire, ribbon, foam board and some paint gets you this festive wreath for any football fan!

Chiefs home opener

Are you ready for some football? This house is!

Printable and cookie idea from Instead of following her recipe, I used premade cookie dough and dipped them in chiefs colored m&ms. I got lucky with our teams colors. M&Ms have their fall colors out so half the bag was yellow and red!
We had the best chiefs fans over to watch the game!

Update-- we beat the Cowboys!!!