Sunday, May 23, 2010


Out of all my DIY projects, the guestbook has to be my favorite!

I didn't want a guestbook that would sit on the shelf, collect dust, and never get looked at again.

On a whim I drove around KC and took pictures of some of our favorite places and places that played a role in our wedding. Each location spelled out our new last name.

I used Picasa to arrange into one image. I saved it as an image, uploaded it to's photo studio and ordered an 8x10.

I picked out a 12x16 frame at Hobby Lobby and had them cut a custom matte to fit my picture.... and viola! Our guestbook!

I am going to display the frame and name picture without the glass so our guests can sign the matte.

For privacy sakes, I blacked out some of the letters of our last name, but wanted to give you a visual of what yours can look like!

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