Sunday, September 12, 2010

slowly but surely...

When Lane moved into our house, everything was painted by the previous owners. At that time, the colors matched everything he had. It was perfect, because he could move right in without painting a thing.
Come with me 2 years later....he has his man movie-football cave downstairs. He painted it a dark red, naturally for a movie room. But now, I stare at our living room wall (and yes I say just wall, as only wall is red in our living room), and feel like I live in a dungeon. I have fantasized about painting this wall. I want our living room to resemble just! Not a death blood red! I have slowly, but surely, redecorated here and there. I am using many items from our vintage themed wedding, and plan on repurposing many items to fit into the new theme. So nothing is better than pictures right?
Here is the before, before picture of our wall.

it must change!

and here is the before paint.

our wedding cake toppers.
our wedding pictures! The candles are from our reception. Find the DIY link here.
the candle stick holder was from the thrift store. I was going to spray paint it, but loved the way it looked. The candles are the candles we used to light our unity candle.
who doesn't love vintage spools of thread and buttons!
again another candle from our reception and the oil lamp from our reception decor too!
my newest addition! I found this ladder at an antique store when I took my mom on her surprise birthday weekend. She bought it for me for my birthday (on the 19th). Only my mom would buy me a present on her birthday! My veil is draped on the top (find the DIY here) and a blanket Lane's aunt made for him.

Like I said, slowly but surely, it's coming along. With this fall weather, I hope that Lane and his dad get that wall painted.

I was thinking of a vintage blue color...what do you think?

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