Sunday, January 23, 2011

in the kitchen!

I've never been a chef. If I couldn't cook it in the microwave, I didn't need to eat it! I was at Walmart one day, and stumbled across Taste of Home Guilt Free cook book. So many times I find quick meal cook books, but the ingredients are so strange it would take me an hour at the store just to find them, or I would find cook books with easy meals, but they were so unhealthy! This cook book is amazing. I have already made 5 things from it! I stumbled across a cool blog called Sprik Space. She has tons of free printables. One is a weekly menu planner. I took her printable and added a shopping list. Once I printed about 20 copies of the planner, I used my notepad glue and a magnet to put on my fridge! Thank you Sprik Space!


  1. Sarah,
    That looks great! I'm so glad you like the printable and found a way to make it work best for you. :)

  2. I shared this on Sprik Space's Facebook page today. :)


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