Sunday, January 2, 2011

ringing in the year: cakepop style!

I hope your New Year is off to a fabulous start! I am a little late getting this post up, but better late than never right!

I have recently become obsessed with cakepops. After making 3 rounds of funfetti cakepops, I was a bit cakepopped out! I stumbled across Pilsbury Sugar Free Devil's Food and Sugar Free chocolate icing. I was excited because many things I eat are sugar free, and my mom is diabetic, so I was excited she would actually be able to enjoy one of my cakepops! (and her comment was, "I could never keep these in the house." Meaning? They were DELICIOUS!)

Quick How To:
  • Bake your cake according the box.
  • Let it completely cool.
  • Completely crumb the cake into a large bowl.
  • Mix 4/5 of your icing into the cake crumbs.
  • Completely mix together. (your hands will get very sticky! So frequently wash your hands and dry them completely. You don't want water in your mix!)
  • Your mix should be sort of like a molding dough.
  • Model it into whatever shape you desire...round balls are the easiest!
  • Let shapes cool in fridge all night.
  • Dip tip of stick into melted chocolate and insert no more than half way into your shape.(I always put mine back into the fridge to speed up the chocolate harding process.)
  • Now you're ready to dip the whole thing into your melted chocolate.
For awesome tips and tricks I suggest purchasing the Bakerella cakepop book. I got mine here.
It is well worth the 12 bucks and some change with shipping.

With the help of Operation Shower @ lovetheday and her gorgeous printables, here is the result!
I did have to shrink down the printables to 1.5 inches to work with my circle punch.

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