Friday, July 15, 2011

cobalt blue and a confession.

after swooning over how kendi rocks her cobalt blue thrifted blouse, i was on a mission to find one myself. after many trips to the thrift store and a careful eye, there it was, a beautiful silk-ish, cobalt blue blouse.

so it's obvious i love kendi. i knew it crossed a creepiness line, when i was out thrifting and i spotted a white pair of shorts in my size. my first thought was not, "how will this look on me?" or "will these even fit?", but instead it was "has kendi rocked a white pair of shorts or pants? i wonder how she'd remix these beauts?" and then i was sold.

so here's the top and bottom together. please excuse the strange face; it was mid pose.
another confession: i hope to someday take actual pictures. today was the not the day.

outfit low down:
top: thrifted 4.00
shorts: thrifted 2.98
necklace: f21 6.00
shoes: charlotte russe 7.00
total: 19.98

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