Sunday, November 22, 2009

bridesmaid dresses.

I've always thought that if I wanted someone in my wedding party, I should be the one who pays for the dresses. So with that, I set out to find fun, inexpensive dresses for my 2 bridesmaids. I searched the web and searched the web, finding colors and styles that I liked.

On a whim I stopped by my local JCPenney's. Making a quick walk through the store, I found 2 aqua dresses hanging by themselves. No signs of a clearance tag, but saw a 30% sign. I made my way to the price check scanner, and after scanning the price tag I almost passed out. The price...drum roll please...was $11.99! I got both my bridesmaid dresses for $25.00 with tax!

Found a picture on ebay of the dresses, but it looks way better in person!

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