Sunday, November 22, 2009

The dress.

When visiting my mom's family in Kentucky, my cousin and I went shopping for a county pageant dress for her. While waiting for her to try on dresses, I played dress up wedding dresses! If you knew me then, I had no plan or desire to ever get married, but thought it might happen since I was with the most amazing man Lane.

So I tried on dresses, my cousin and I then did a little fashion show. I pulled one more dress off the rack, slipped it on, and knew that when and if I was ever to get married, that this would be the dress for me. My mom looked at it and bought it for me that day.

Steal: original price of the dress $ price....$150.00. Cha-ching!

NOTE: I can't post pictures of the dress now, since you never know who's looking! ;-)

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