Sunday, April 25, 2010

money low down.

Here is a list of what I have spent on the wedding. I have padded some of the areas, such as extras, to cover any items I forgot about!

• Venue: $2500.00 (including food, tea, soda, dessert bar, rental, linens, projector, &  $10.00 play card for arcade games!)

• Food: included in venue price

• Wine & Drinks: Guests will purchase alcoholic drinks from the bar, all soda/tea included in venue

• Music: Free (Friend of family is a DJ)

• Photography: $1600.00. This includes 8 hours coverage, 2 photographers and the CD with rights! My splurge!

• Officiant/Church: $900.00- way more than I wanted to pay, but it seems churches are charging a bit to get married in. I had my heart set on the church we chose and the pastor is AMAZING!

• Wedding cake: free (uncle is making both the wedding cake and groomscake)

• Centerpieces: $100.00 for bottles, $75.00 for flowers, paper dollies used from own scrapbook stash

• Save The Dates/Invitations/Programs (With Postage): $80.00

• Favors: play card (included in venue price)

• Lighting & Candles: $25.00

• Bouquet: $20

• Bridal party attire: $110.00-bridesmaid dress & shoes, ties and socks for groomsmen

• Bridal party gifts: $100.00

• Wedding wands: $15.00 (wooden rods and ribbon)

• Jewelry/accessories: $90.00 (includes bridal party jewelry, my jewelry, fabric for veil, bridal comb, and previous veil from ebay)

• Vintage picture frames: $10.00

• Extras (clips for play cards, fabric, thread, birdcage, spray paint, cake stand, vintage tray)- $100.00

• Spray tanning: $90.00

• New make up: $36.00

• Hair: $20.00

• Change out dress: $5.00

• $ for other things I might I have forgotten: $50.00

TOTAL: $5926.00.
I know that the day after our wedding, we can say that we had our wedding for under $6000.00. We went over a thousand by what I wanted to spend, but that it's ok. I had so much fun doing all of this, and most of the decor and added details were purchased from thrift stores, so the money was going to good places, so I'm ok with spending more than I planned!
Did I mention that NOTHING in our wedding was charged. We paid all cash for everything. So we will begin our lives as a married couple with NO debt!

Bride and groom Attire (paid for by parents):

• Brides gown: $150

• Grooms suit, shoes, belt, shirt: $250.00

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