Wednesday, June 23, 2010

A few shots of the big day.

As I reflected back on our day, the details, the guests and the money we spent, I took a huge sigh of relief and excitement, that everything was paid in full before the big day. It was comforting to know that we would not be getting any credit bills or bills from venues. Every check had been sent, signed and cashed before May 30th, even came. I always told myself that I would not spend what most spend on weddings. I wanted the focus to be on US, not the wedding. I am so happy that we did just that. As I look back at our pictures, I am SO glad that I choose to have Laura from Lark Photography shoot our wedding. It truly was the  best money we spent. Here are some sneak peeks she posted for us to enjoy while she finishes them all.

the famous shoes.
the artwork is from my very talented art teacher friend, jk.
some DIY details.

getting ready.
my INCREDIBLY talented friend nikki, agreed to do my makeup.
she isn't a makeup artist, but always has beautiful makeup.
she made me look gorgeous! (i never say that about myself!)
probably my favorite captured moment of the day.
my mom about stabbed my brain as she out my veil on.
i freaked, she laughed.
she freaked, i laughed.
d freaked, we laughed.
the first 'look'.
i told laura she captured us perfectly...
me=sassy, crying, laughing. hysterically laughing.
this series of photos sums our relationship perfectly.
after the ceremony.

in parkville.
that's my GORGEOUS husband! (that's still super weird for me to say!)

Thank you Laura for being a part of our day! I cannot wait to see more pics!

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