Wednesday, June 23, 2010

whew! we did it!

It has been over a week since our big day (but just now publishing this post). Our day was unbelievable. Everything was perfect...not everything went as planned, but it was perfect the way it was! I can't remember every little detail right now, which is why I am thankful I had a videographer! I want to remember every detail from the walk down the aisle, to our vows, to our first dance and of course...the go kart races!

Some of my favorite moments that will always remain with me were...
  • Our mom and daughter talk right before the ceremony
  • My parents embracing eachother before they walked down the aisle with me
  • Lane pinky promising me that he will always be the artist with whom we make our masterpiece with (exactly his words!)
  • My brother getting pooped on by bird in Parkville
  • Entering the reception hall to Baby Got Back
  • Lane and I singing to eachother as we danced our first dance
  • My mom's surprise song for our mother daughter dance
  • Racing my girls in go karts (but losing)
  • Lane's excitement about driving go karts, his dad's grin as rear ended Alan and Lane around a turn
  • My dad hitting the jackpot on skee ball
  • Amy asking if my bottom layer of cake was really funfetti...and squealing with excitement
  • Mom and Jen's dance party
  • But most importantly, vowing to spend the rest of my life loving and being loved by my best friend, Lane and officially joining our families.
Thank you to those who attended, dedicated their time and talents, and those who were there in spirit.

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