Saturday, June 26, 2010

project 2: mantel.

This has been the hardest part for me to get my brain around! I've seen tons of ideas but none that would work with our structure, etc. We have 2 very tall walls that lead to a vaulted ceiling. Currently we have one wall that is a deep red (this is why I call our living room a dungeon), and 2 tanish walls. I don't mind the tanish walls but the red one has gots to go! I needed to come up with ways to decorate our mantel, while keeping the mirror above. I googled, I searched, I stumbled across blog and after blog, and finally found one blog that had tons of ideas! Little loveables there's definitely something loveable about it!

project: mantel

photos from little loveables

what i love about it:
1. letters. I'm obessed with the letter K now! And want to show it off!
2. the pop of aqua! Aqua was wedding color!
3. Clocks. I love clocks, maybe because I always have to know what time it is?!
4. Those empty frames are to die for! (oh and that letter K!)
5. The neutral colors, the vintage feel and again the use of letters.
6. That mirror is amazing!

some goodies I've found here and there, that I want to incorporate some how into my mantel decor...

I heart vintage spools of thread! Who says they can only go in a sewing room!
vintage books and that bicycle.
I found books at the thrift store that resembled us in some way. With This Ring...perfect!
aren't those balls of string, and quilt fabric rennamnts to die for! <3
These colors are truly my inspiration for our living room.

what I need to find somewhere... is a vintage candelabara like the one in picture 2!

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