Saturday, June 26, 2010

living room revision!

During the wedding planning process I came across some of the most amazingly talented bloggers. I become obsessed with visiting their little pieces of heaven on a daily basis. I drooled over craft projects, sewing ideas, and home decor.
I have decided that I want to redo our living room. Almost every other room in our home is what I want it to be, or soon will be with just a few additions of accessories! Now that Lane has his man cave AKA the movie room, I want the living room to be more inviting, more homey, bright, fresh with a side of vintage.

My first step is to use as many items we already have. With spray paint, you can transform almost anything! I am envisioning my "revision". My first project is decoration above the couch. We currently have one "painting" highly hung. I have fallen in love with the cluster of photos, frames, artwork, etc. idea. I've always loved "clusters". I use clusters everywhere in our house and when I scrapbook.

project: frame wall.
inspiration board

photos from little loveables

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