Saturday, June 26, 2010

been there, now what?

So now the wedding is over...and all those decorations you spent months on are just sitting there...what to do, what to do!

Being an "enviroment" lover, I don't like throwing things away to just sit in a landfill for the rest of our lives. I try to reuse, repurpose, upcycle, etc. as many things as I can. I took many of my decorations and reused them in our home decor. What a great feeling knowing that all the time I put into these decorations won't be in vain and will now be a part of my home decor. I will be reminded of our day each time I see these items around the house.

1.) church door decor
checkout the DIY here

now decorates 2 square selves in our bedroom.

2.) birdcage for cards: this was a horrible hunter green color when I bought it from the Salvation Army. With a little white spray and two cute little lovebirds from the Dollar Tree, it quickly became a super cute card holder!
checkout the DIY here

now hangs in our spare bedroom!

3.) wine bottles from bridal shower, and mason jars from reception centerpieces
checkout the post here
now add to our wine kitchen theme!

and serve as storage containers in my craft room!

4.) votive candles used on tables at reception
checkout the DIY here

now decorate our dresser in our guest bedroom

5.) flash card table numbers

go back to their flash card buddies in my classroom!

6. flower cameo accessories

now are earrings and a necklace or pin!

7. tea cup ring pillow

is now a pin cushion for my craft room!

8. our cake toppers

now adorn our fireplace mantel.

9. family heritage photos
 (waiting for pictures to come back so I can post a picture of the heritage table!)

will soon be put into a wall photo cluster above our couch (once we get it repainted)
 similiar to this...
photos from littleloveables

10. guestbook
checkout the DIY here

now adds decoration to "our" or more like his, movie room and man cave!

I'm so glad I was able to reuse, repurpose, etc. some of our decorations. Now I just need to figure out what to do with photo pew decor...any ideas?

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