Saturday, September 4, 2010

oh back to school, back to school.

Well not really. I've been back for 3 weeks now; 3 very long weeks. I am teaching a 4/5 split this year; and yes it sounds just as hard as it is! I thought I was going to have high 4th and high 5th graders...AKA, high level thinkers and doers. Not that that would be easy, but having students who struggle to do independent work, makes it extremely difficult to teach the other grade level. But I think I've finally got the swing of things. I'm starting to enjoy my kids, and work on my patience (which was my goal after last year.) I changed my theme this year. I wanted to use animal's fun. So I went with "Mrs. K's Split Safari." Come take a stroll through our jungle..
team caddies; drink carrier repurposed!
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