Saturday, September 4, 2010

uncork in rocheport, mo

For my mom's birthday this year, I knew I wanted to do something special. It's been a rough year for her, with both my brother and I getting married....6 weeks a part, and other things that life brings; I knew we needed to get out of Kansas City and just go.
My mom is easy to please: she likes wine and nature. Those two things, are ramped in Missouri.
I went in search of a winery in Missouri that was close and wouldn't cost an arm and leg to stay at.  Once I stumbled across this bed and breakfast, I was sold.
I'm not going to lie....the bed and breakfast was for me. Staying in a schoolhouse! How cool!
I knew this was perfect. There is a winery right up the street and the trailhead of Katy Trail.
We loved reading about the history here, from the tunnel that was blasted from the rocky bluff, to the ammunition storage shelter located on the trail.
It was beautiful. The only we'd change?
Next time, we'll stay two nights!

we stayed here...
mom in her ride!
i got to sleep in school!
we slept in here...
our room "the spelling bee". The beds were nicely made before we slept in them!

we rented bikes here...

we saw this...
a children's park...with a high voltage warning sign?!
the tunnel that was blasted for the trains.
on a rest, i looked down to see this butterfly resting too.
gorgeous bluffs.
the beautiful, historic town of Rocheport.

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