Wednesday, February 16, 2011


JCPenney sent me a ten dollar "gift card" off a 10 dollar purchase. I knew I wanted and honestly, need a black and white striped shirt. I found one online for 12.99 on sale. With my 10 dollars off, it would be around 2 bucks.
I went in with my eye blockers on, heading straight to that specific shirt and trying not to notice any of the other gorgeous clothes. I have no control when it comes to clearance racks. Something inside of me snaps and I'm sucked in. I found a red/black and plaid button shirt for 6 bucks. I carried it around for about 15 minutes, along with my striped shirt I had located in the first 2 seconds of entering the store.
I tried to justify it all I could, but the logical side of my brain won and I put the other shirt back.
I did break on this challenge, with spending that 2 dollars on the shirt, but I really don't count that. I knew I needed that shirt and I got an amazing deal on it.
So I didn't cheat did I? Oh whatever, I know I cheated. But oh well.


  1. You HAD to buy it on sale! It would've been hard to justify the 30 for 30 as a real reason to lose the deal on the sale. It's cute and I'm glad you got it!

  2. I definitely think you can justify a $2 shirt. I think it's only cheating if it's above, say $10. I say that because I kept buying tights during the last 30 for 30 challenge. Oh well.

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  3. I'm totally judging you right now!!!

  4. I think real deals are okay! I mean, come on, who can beat that price? Plus your coupon probably had a deadline. :)


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