Wednesday, February 16, 2011

day 14 one more day

....of being around children. I need a break. We have a staff development day on Friday, so tomorrow is the last day of the week with students. Thank goodness.I get a 3 day weekend to recoop so I can be a better teacher next week.

Now that was a mouth full wasn't it.

Onto why you probably checked this post...

poor photo. It was taken after a 10 hour work day at school and two trips to two different grocery stores trying to find zucchini. Positive note? My husband took it without any complaints.

oh and that belt? another buck fifty thrift store score!


  1. That's how I like my belts--mostly. I have weeks like yours when I feel overwhelmed before the week is even over. Glad you have a three-day weekend!

  2. You look beautiful! I love these soft neutral colors on you. That green is so pretty and anything belted makes me happy. Yay for thrift stores!

    I think being a teacher is a pretty thankless job, so THANK YOU for wanting to take on such a task. You definitely deserve a break!


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