Wednesday, February 9, 2011

day 8 of 30: the cool kid

It is really true that kids pick up on things you say and do, but noticing and commenting on your choice of tights you wore? I really stepped out of my comfort zone on this outfit. I had bought these tights at Kohl's on clearance for 2 bucks. {I got the blue ones too} I just could never bring myself to bust them out. But today was the day my friend! As I walked my kids to and from specials, I heard other girls in other classes saying sweet things to me. Maybe I should wear colored tights more often!

I really did feel like the cool kid at school today, all the popular girls noticing what I was wearing. :-)

(the tights really do look better in person, and do match my scarf really well. Even though it seems my pasty white knee caps are very well defined in those tights.)

PS- this gorgeous scarf was a gift from my now husband, then boyfriend when he went to India for 3 weeks for his job!


  1. You look hot in your bright blue! Definitely the cool kid!

  2. I like all the outfits you've been posting but this one is my fave so far! :)

  3. Love the colored tights with this outfit! And the way you belted your scarf!

  4. Congrats on rocking the purple tights! It goes so well with your gorgeous scarf!

  5. I love the tights and they look great with the scarf!

  6. You look gorgeous! I have some purple tights, too, that I never would have worn prior to having a blog.

    Melanie@Unravelled Threads
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  7. Super cute! I love what you did with the scarf!

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  9. this is absolutely beautiful! and everyone needs to feel like the "cool kid" once in a definitely deserved it with this ensemble! you rocked it.
    -brittney (fellow remixer)

  10. How adorable. Love the belted scarf. Great outfit.

    From a fellow 30x30 remixer

  11. what a gorgeous gift! and i always love when younger kids and/or children check me out/compliment me. They are always so honest, so when they say something nice - it's always good! (:


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