Tuesday, February 8, 2011

not so unique 7 of 30

I had a full day of eMINTS training today, so I wanted to dress comfy. My outfit is not exciting and by the looks of the picture my hubs (after complaining that I asked him to take 2 stinkin' pictures of me) took of me this morning , shows you just how much of a morning person I am not.

Please excuse my ID badge, I had to go into school early to complete sub plans and attend an IEP meeting, in which I thought was at 8:30, when in fact it was at 8:15. Then bust over to central office for my training.

But even with it being colder than a you know what, the day ended up being nice, and I got some puppy lovin' when I got home...

Hugs for her momma and hugs for the Leia!

PS-It was in deed so cold, that my nose hair froze. Not cool.


  1. What a great looking scarf! I love the last picture with your adorable pooch! :) It was also very cold here in MN. The high for the day was 3F. Yuck.

  2. What a cute puppy!! Beautiful scarf and a very nice casual work day outfit!!

  3. You have an amazing blog and this is a cute comfy outfit. I am glad I found you through Books and Looks! (New Follower)


  4. Sarah, you look adorable AND unique. :) And my husband complains about taking my picture too.

  5. Great Blog! I am fellow remixer and have enjoyed your posts! Look forward to seeing what comes next. Loving that scarf.



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