Monday, February 7, 2011

day 6 of 30

It seemed that about 8 teachers got the memo about wearing green today! I guess people are wanting it to be spring already!

I jazzed up my green sweater with my handmade pleated scarf.

Chic for Cheap: And who can beat the price of the cardi...on clearance at target for 10 bucks!
And the fabric for the scarf came from the thrift the scarf cost me about a buck!

oh and one more thing...

And I'm not sure how I was given the Stylish Blogger Award from Books and Looks,
but here it goes!

Some rules that come with this award: You're supposed to share seven things about yourself and share the award with a few recently-discovered bloggers.

1. I hate those little stickers that come on fruit. They totally gross me out and I am just now able to peel them off myself. I used to have to have my mom take them off my fruit up until I got married!
2. I'm currently training for my first 5K. I'm about to start Week 5 of my 9 week training.
3. I fall for blue eyes; look at my husband, my pooch and even his cat has blue eyes (except I am not as fond of the cat.)
4. I'm obsessed with cardigans and boots.
5. We had our wedding reception at an arcade center. As our guest gift, they received a 10 dollar play card.
6. I'm currently working on my master's in administration...but have no intentions on ever being a principal. After my master's, I will be working on a specialists degree in superintendency, and really have intentions on being a superintendent.
7. Middle school was my favorite time in school, and I would love to teach 6th grade some day!

So  now I get to award some stylish ladies!


  1. That scarf is adorable! I'm super impressed that you made it. You look great!

  2. That color is beautiful on you and what a creative scarf!!

    Sarah at Classroom Chic

  3. Wedding reception at an arcade? That's stinkin' awesome!

  4. Love the green on you!! Can't beat a great sale at Target! thanks for the Blogger award :) How does this work?

  5. I love that green sweater with the scarf! I'm remixing too, and loving the ideas I am getting from all the other 're-mixers'!

    ......and I hate stickers on fruit too. don't you feel like you should be on the honor system? Just tell the checker, ' these are granny smiths....'

  6. That scarf!!! I LOVE it!! Nicely done, my friend! xoxo Kiki

  7. wow you're so talented! Have you posted on how to make that scarf?

  8. thank you ladies for the sweet comments! i can't take much credit for the scarf...i only followed a tutorial and sewed it!

    check out Disney's tutorial on Ruffles and Stuff.

  9. Aww!! Thank you :) you are so sweet. This is on my blog to-do list!


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