Monday, February 7, 2011

shoe update. {yes it's that important.}

If you read my previous post of the flowers vs. shoes, you will know that I was struggling with commitment. I was unsure to go with red or purple or yellow UO pumps, since I couldn't go with all, I had to choose. Well, things kinda worked out well for me.
If you use the code LOVEIT at UO, you save fifteen off seventy-five.

Follow me here with a little math lesson:
option one: Red pumps= $49.99 + tax + $10.00 shipping: $62.00.
option two: Red canvas wedges= {on sale} $29.99 + Grape pumps $49.99 + shipping $10.00 + tax -{minus} $15.00= $76.00. Makes since to spend what... 15 more and get another pair of shoes right? Right. So thank you wonderful hubby for the TWO pairs of gorgeous shoes, and thank you UO for the sale and discount.


one loved, happy lady.
And when Mrs. K is happy, every one is happy!


  1. HAPPY! Gorgeous shoes, good price, GORGEOUS SHOES in pretty colours!!!

    Sarah xxx

  2. I just posted about these last Sunday!! They are beautiful shoes!! I like the yellow, but purple would be beautiful too!!

    Sarah at Classroom Chic


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