Monday, February 7, 2011

shoes or flowers?

Really you have to ask? Well, my hubs did.(it's like he doesn't even know me!)
 I emailed him a link to those gorgeous UO suede pumps that Kendi rocks all the time. He told me this morning I could order those shoes, or have flowers on Valentine's Day. Umm, hello! Duh! Let's I can wear forever. Flowers die. I think I will go with the shoes. And since it's a "gift" from the hubs, I'm not breaking the 30 for 30 rule of no shopping, right?!

So now I need your help... which color should I start with? Start with? Yes, because I will be buying another color later, I'm certain of that.
I was thinking red...what do you think?

And for your convience, I added a poll to the left of this post.


  1. I voted for the red! Love those!

    Also, I'm a fellow teacher and 30x30 remixer and found your blog from Books and Looks. I am so excited to be finding so many stylish teachers out there!

  2. I love those shoes. I agree, the red ones are a perfect way to start.

    Melanie@Unravelled Threads
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  3. I vote for red too. You really can never go wrong with heels that color.


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