Sunday, February 6, 2011

day 5 of 30

I couldn't waste another weekend day wearing only sweats, so I busted out a 30 for 30 outfit to do my weekly fancy shopping. ok ok, to do my walmart and sams shopping.

who am I kidding anyway...I never do fancy shopping; the extent of my fancy shopping is buying steve madden shoes at t.j.maxx.

As for the Super Bowl, I'm rooting for the Packers. If you cared to know!

Chic on the Cheap- scored this steel gray purse at Gordman's for 6 bucks! I had wanted a gray one after seeing a London Fog on at Sam's, but went back and it was gone. This little darling was the only one left in the store, and it was on clearance for 10 bucks, with an additional 33% off. Can we use some football terminology? SCORE!


  1. Sarah you are rocking this challenge! Keep up the good work! You look very cute with your outfit and I think one should dress up everyday, it just brightens your day when you know you look your best even though you're just running errands, it helps me a lot, especially on those gloomy days when I feel I am stuck to my bed. =D

  2. You can't beat a $10 purse! I'd say that's the right price for any purse haha! Hey, I gave you the stylish blogger award! Grab the button from my page. :)

  3. That is a grrreat bag! And there is nothing wrong with Wal Mart shopping.

  4. I love that shade of purple. You look great!


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