Friday, February 4, 2011

hey cutie.

Yes, I love eating clementines. But I think the thing that actually keeps me eating them is the little pick up lines they stick on them.
Seriously, did you not see him wink at me?


  1. mmm i love clementines!! putting them on the grocery list for next week!

  2. hey there! thanks so much for stopping by my blog! (:

    about the skirts!... i have long legs, so things that are a nice length on normal people are super short on me. I'm 5'7'' and you can look at the pictures to see where it hits my leg. Also, it's a size small. I always buy skirts a size down so I can wear them on my waist. A medium would have hit more on my hip - and been longer. Hope this all helps!! (:

    and YUM on the clementines! i have been eating naval oranges non stop lately! so yummy!


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