Friday, February 4, 2011

MFP. No it's not profanity.

I have a new obsession (to add to my numerous obsessions). After getting married, I put on about 9 pounds. Rather upsetting since over the last 4 years I had worked hard to lose about 25. But they say marriage weight is like the freshman fifteen. With our wedding in May, my brother's in Cabo in July, their reception, back to school and stress (drinking) and snacking out of the kid's candy treasure box, I added on a few pounds. I got rid of any good candy in my classroom {sorry kids}, and continued my exercise, which I never did stop. (I can't imagine how much I would have gained if I wasn't exercising!)
A fellow teacher friend mentioned this site called And from that instant I was hooked. It's crazy how won't eat certain things because you don't want to log it! Seriously, check it out! Since I started tracking I have lost 8 pounds. A big victory for me since I am already small framed.

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