Wednesday, February 23, 2011

if the camera adds 10 pounds...

then how much weight does a camera and sweatpants add?

I'm not counting today as a remix day...since no where in my challenge picks was there a pair of sweat pants...but come to think of it...maybe I should have included some sweat pants. But knowing me, if I had sweatpants in my mix...that would be the only pants I would wear, ever.

Today was the first of our "warm up Wednesday"s. Every Wednesday we are holding different review activities and test taking tips until our state's standarized test in April. I for one, am pumped for sweatpants.

Did I mention that today was also my formal observation and evaluation? That's right. I sported these sweet pants while I shaped the minds of the future. Scary huh? At least I color coordinated my shirt.

and yes, that is a studdly eagle on my pants. jealous? I'm sure I could get you a pair.


  1. You could totally make some money off of those eagle sweats on ebay. ;)

    What a fun idea for Wednesdays and to get to wear sweat pants as part of the warm up theme is super fun. Hope you had a great day and that your evaluation went well!

    Come take a look inside A Working Mom's Closet

  2. Haha I love it! :) Sorry for asking a stupid foreigner question, but what is the state test about?


  3. I used to work as a test scorer for state tests across America--essays mostly but also science and math. The 5th grade essays were fun and some times funny to read. :)

  4. @modern viking vixen-
    every state has a mandatory state exam that kids must take. our MAP test is used to show which schools are proficient and which ones "need improvement". most teachers hate these tests because it is one test and extrememly high stakes...meaning...funding can pulled if we don't do well, teachers can be removed, etc.

    As a teacher, I hope that other forms of assessment can soon be used instead of one test. I also wish that parent involvement and accountability would be tested instead of just how teachers are doing.

  5. You are adorable even in sweats!!


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