Thursday, March 3, 2011

a couple more and then i'm out.

wow. what a week. I can't describe it.
So I'll just post my outfits 25 & 26.

began the day with a real fire at our school, complete with the alarm and firefighters. good thing I was familiar with kitchen/over fires, or it would have freaked me out.
good thing I wore the cardigan since we had to wait outside.

 and because the weather spiked to 70 outfit ended like this...

and it's another red wine spritzer kind of night...
i'm starting to see a pattern.
but in my defense...on top of being around hormonal, sassy 5th graders, i am baby sitting my mom's spastic mutt. i think the wine is justified.


  1. Oh my! Real fire emergencies are crazy. We had one like that last December (but it wasn't a real fire. Something about the heater.) The kids all thought it was pretty cool that all these fire fighters and their bright, shiny cars came to school. (Yay! Fire truck!) We, the teachers, all had to make sure they were clothed correctly and had gloves, coats and hats on--and keep count. :)

    Love the purple and green mix! And the purple (pink?) tights on the 1st outfit.

  2. Looking good!! Love you in those colors!

  3. Love those bright magenta tights. They really pop!


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