Wednesday, March 2, 2011

speaking to me.

Jamming out to Pink's Perfect on grooveshark; on repeat.

This song speaks to two areas of my life:
  • my husband: I want him to ALWAYS know that he isn't perfect in everyone's eyes, but he is more than perfect in my eyes. He is so patient, kind, loving and thoughtful. When it comes to living with, and being married to me...patience is the only thing I think that would get him through the day. And just for that, he should be perfect in everyone's eyes..if it wasn't for him taking me off the market, some other dude would have to put up with this! ;-)
  • myself: Do you ever annoy yourself? I have many quirks, attitude problems, OCD tendencies, attention issues, etc. Sometimes I complain too much about my job career; many times I don't look at the good I AM doing, and only focus on what I can't do for these kids. But don't we all do this to ourselves way too often?
This song gives me power. It makes me stop and look at the wonderful person I am, to focus on the good things I am doing, and to help me remember that even "that" student is perfect. The perfectness might be underneath behavior issues or sassy 'tudes, but all they need is a little polish and for someone to tell them to "never ever think they are anything less than perfect." Because I know, I might be the only person they hear it from.

I know you're not used to reading :deep: posts from me, but as you know, I am upredictable sometimes. I have tendencies to always jump from one mood to another, from one topic of thought or conversation to another. Again, one of those wonderful things about me, that my husband hates loves about me, because I know to him I am nothing less than perfect.

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