Tuesday, May 24, 2011

What is home to you?

As this school year winds down, my mind is onto to next year! My theme for next year is going to be "Home Away From Home," with some "Oh, The Places You'll Go!"

I'm going to be incorporating many home touches like photos of my student's families, artwork, etc.
I already use lamps instead of the over head lights, a couch for reading, pillows and tons of stuffed animals!

As I start making and collecting decor items for my classroom, I was wondering, what does home mean to you? What items are a must in your house to make it a home? As a parent, student, fellow teacher or visitor, what things would shout "home!" when you entered a classroom? I want my classroom to be a home, not just a classroom with blank, white walls.


  1. Home is where my pets are. =) As I'm sure you'd agree!

  2. Absoltuely! I can't bring real pets in...but pictures of my furbabies and having my kids bring in their pictures!


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