Saturday, May 21, 2011

cheapest, chicest, outfit ever! i swear!

You better sit down. Seriously. Are you sitting down?


After seeing so many fabulous peeps, sporting the Tucker for Target dress, I had to have it. Problem? It's been over a year or more, since Target has had this dress. I searched ebay and it came up way more than I'd pay for it.

I stopped by a local Target (one of the 3 around me) and thumbed through the clearance I always do, since that's where I buy my clothes from! Karma was on my side that day! I found my size, in the Tucker dress, for....wait for it...$9.98. Originally $39.99.

I'll wait for your to catch your breath...You back with us?

I then wandered over to the clearance shoe section, you never know.

There I found one pair of cognac peep toe heels with a clearance sticker of $5.80. It was peeled off a bit, so I took my chances and hit the checkout. My shopping trip was one BIG success.

My advice....think about those items you REALLY want, and you never know, you just might get what you the price you LOVE!

outfit low down:
dress (target): 9.98
shoes (target): 5.80
purse (thrift): 6.99
belt (Burlington): 7.99
necklace(forever 21): 6.80
outfit total: 37.56

Conclusion? My whole outfit, with purse, and accessories was less than the original price of the dress. Me=winning!
and here is my HANDSOME hubs and I at dinner for a dear friend's thirtieth birthday. He looks good; even though he says this dress looks like an old lady dress. My response? I can rock anything.


  1. Wow! That was a great shopping trip! You lucky girl! You totally worked this outfit and hit a homerun. I'm giving you a round of applause right now. :)

  2. What great finds! I absolutely love Target, and that dress looks really great on you!

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