Wednesday, June 15, 2011

30x30:my picks

So after couting twice, it seems i only have 28 items photographed. so either i missed one, or i need to pick another item. 
 apparently, i can't count and i'm a teacher; scary.
please tell me you counted 29 items, if not, i need to quit!

since i make my own rules, i decided to leave one item open for a just in case option.


i'm not a morning person, so i can't promise to take pictures everyday. but again, the challenge is for myself right? i will try to snap some pictures, pinky promise.

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  1. ha ! oh man don't hate me for saying i am addicted to diet pepsi..... i think a diet soda addiction no matter what flavor is a reason to be friends! love your 30 for 30 idea!! i hope that i am dedicated enough to do this one day too !


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