Wednesday, June 15, 2011

30 for 30 underway; just no documentation yet.

i have my items, i have taken pictures, i just have not posted them yet.

i am on my second outfit today, so that's a start i guess.

as i stroll through the other remixers list of items, i'm jealous that some of you can still wear jackets or cardigans of any type. in KC currently, the weather is hot and humid, so i try to wear the least amount of clothing as possible, without getting fired or arrested.

but it's a challenge right? and the challenge for me is to create outfits that are fun, comfy and will stand up to this heat.

tonight is the night i will get my {29} picks up. 29 you ask? i am leaving myself one item of clothing that i can switch in and out. like this morning, the vision i had in my head did not work, and i was in a bind to get to work. i grabbed another skirt and was out the door. so my 30th piece of clothing will be there to help me if i get stuck.

i figured it's my challenge and my rules and the skirt change this morning was for everyone's sake, not just mine.

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