Tuesday, June 14, 2011

summer school camp craft: paint with chalk

found the adorable idea on turning sidewalk chalk into paint at Random Thoughts of a Super Mom!

within 3 minutes i had 5 colors ready to go! i, however, did not plan ahead and bring a hammer with me to school, so being the resourceful person i am, i grabbed the top of a lava lamp from my closet and used that to beat the heck out of the chalk. (you might be wondering why i had a lava lamp in my closet, or if you know me, you aren't wondering that all! it's hanging out until i find the correct size bulb. in the mean time, it got it's work in as my hammer.) the kids were quite confused why i was on the floor with a lava lamp banging baggies filled with sidewalk chalk. in the 6 days i've been with these kiddos, they all told eachother, it must be for our camp craft!

even these 5th graders enjoyed it; after explaining to one individual that we would not be painting on the school, only on the ground. rain doesn't always fall sideways, and i didn't feel like washing brick walls.

even i got into the fun!
(i think this craft was all for me, but tell them that!)

they loved it so much they asked if they could do it at recess and if they could each have a piece of chalk to take home and make more.

or be like my friend, and ask what's wrong with plain sidewalk chalk. but don't be that guy.

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