Wednesday, June 22, 2011

eat clean.

have you ever heard of clean eating?

it's pretty much as it sounds...eating foods that are clean; free of chemicals, pesticides, etc.

i would have to say that 50% of our eating here is clean, but need to bump that up to at least 90% (because, honestly, i'm not going to even try to give up diet coke...yet.) it seems more and more the foods you find in our stores are loaded with preservatives; i began to wonder why the bread i bought a month ago, still hadn't molded. don't be fooled by whole grain or multi grain breads...some brands are still laced with preservatives, case in point....the loaf i had.

i already workout 5-6 days a week, eat 4-6 times a day (3 meals and snacks in between.)

it really just requires more prep and organization, and i love being organized!

i purchased a kindle version of the idiot's guide to clean eating, which really explains the lifestyle. it's not a diet, but a lifestyle change!
i just received the best of clean eating: over 200 mouthwatering recipes to keep you lean and healthy  cookbook! i already have a ton of pages ear marked!

i stumbled across the gracious pantry blog when looking into clean eating; it's really amazing.

so, are you a clean eater? or somewhat of a clean eater? or a wanna be clean eater? maybe we can help each other!

(bonus-my husband didn't even grumble one bit when i talked with him about this, he even bought me the cookbook!)

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