Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Game change.

you  might have noticed that my blog name has changed! i've never really liked my original title "cheap wedding shoes." it was fine but it just didn't click for me.

i've been asked by many friends and coworkers if i sell any of the little projects i do, and honestly, i don't think my stuff is remotely of sell to others quality. but if and when i ever do sell anything, i knew i needed a catchy name. i wanted it to represent my life, my love, my passion, me.

while i was getting ready this morning, i was thinking about all the cute blog names you guys have and all the cute craft store names. i couldn't get past any of the cheesy names, like so and so creations.

all of sudden it hit me, sarah lane. my name is sarah. the hubs name is lane. and in our city there is a street called sarah lane. boy did we screw up when buying a house!

so there you have it, the story. i hope you continue to read sarah lane.

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