Wednesday, June 8, 2011

a ball of cuteness and a rant.

sometimes i just can't over how stinkin' cute my furbabies are; but then again, they are MY furbabies, so i shouldn't expect anything less, right?

the cutest thing is to see how my dear hubs has developed a love for my sweet girls. (he has a disgusting, and frankly, quite disturbing relationship with his cat, but that's for another day.)

i've had my sweet ali since i was in the 8th grade. i'm now going into my 5th year of teaching, so you can probably do the math. i got leia right before moving in with lane, but let's face it, i was the dog person in the relationship, he was the crazy cat man.

yes we're married, no we don't have human babies, but we have children. we have furry children who we love as if they were human babies. we talk to them as if they understand us, we think about them when we are away, and if someone was to hurt them, we'd hurt them.

while we're on the topic of children, it really irritates me when people with children act like those of us don't, don't have a life or aren't busy. just because we are choosing to not have children (at least for now), doesn't mean we don't have full lives and aren't just as busy as those who have children. when you're human baby free, you fill your time with other things that you enjoy, which is one reason we are not planning on extending our family any time soon. we love our lives as they are now, and we don't want to give it up. selfish? you bet ya.

i remember right before we got married, a wonderful chick, said to me, "why are you getting married if you don't want children? what's the point in getting married?" once i returned to my normal breathing, i calmly told her, that for most of us, we aren't getting married just to breed. it's called, love. it's called, i want to spend the rest of my life with the most amazing man and wake up every day to my best friend. why is that a hard thing for people to understand?

right now, i'm focusing on me, us. i'm focusing on bettering me and us, physically, mentally, emotionally and financially, so that MAYBE in the future, when we decide to have human babies, we will be ready to devote ourselves to them, but for now, no thanks. i have 25+ human children at school, many who accidentally call me 'mom', and for now, that's the only thing i need.

as i was wedding planning, i stumbled across this post on offbeatmama. read it, no matter if you're kid free or kidful. it's a good lesson for all.

wow that was a mouthful, my bad. i have a slight  big issue with word vomit and no filter. it happens.

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