Tuesday, June 7, 2011

i think my dog was in the mafia.

she is one sassy pooch. we don't need an alarm system or guns to protect ourselves, we have leia. you come knock on the door, or get within 100 yards of our house and she sounds her alarm. if you're lucky enough to be invited in, she will sniff you out. once you pass her test, you have yourself a new best friend.

sometimes you wonder if your sweet doggie will bite a robber's face off. you always hope you never have to know the real answer, but i'm quite confident that chick would definitely protect her family. the difference between leia and the mafia? she doesn't need any followers. she's a one dog business.

she might be beautiful on the outside, and to most she's beautiful on the inside, but don't screw with her.

come to think of it, mother like daughter. i guess i taught her well. i, however, did not teach her to get my socks out of my gym bag and carry them around. that was all on her own.

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