Monday, December 24, 2012

DIY yoga set

My mom is a huge yogi. I couldn't decide what to get her and then after receiving an early Christmas present from my main man- a new embroidery/sewing machine, it hit me... a set of everything she could ever possibly need for yoga (all matching of course.) I used tutorials from around Pinterest and then altered them to fit my needs.

Yoga strap- 6 ft. of cotton webbing, 2 d rings and matching fabric folded and sewn to the webbing.

Head wrap:

I used 1 inch elastic because that's what I had!

Mat cleaner:

Mat strap:

Instead of cutting 4 of the 3x20 strips, I did one 6x20 and folded it. It made it so much easier. When it came time to slide the shoulder strap into the band for the mat, I just seam wrapped the opening enough to fit and then sewed all around.

Eye pillow:

Bolster pillow:
Measure pillow, cut rectangle,with right sides facing- stitch along long side. fold over edges to make an incasing leaving an opening to thread ribbon through. Insert pillow, tighten and tie wrap!

I hope this little yoga set has inspired you to jump on your mat or to make your favorite yogi a great gift!

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