Tuesday, February 22, 2011

day 19

...it's Tuesday and my Monday. Don't let that fool you...it sucked like a Monday. Positive note...tomorrow is Warm Up Wednesday, aka, get kids "excited" and warmed up for our state testing.
Important part? I get to wear sweatpants tomorrow. I know. Amazing.

One of my favorite shirts during this remix. It's all about ruffle-y goodness. Too bad my photos suck and you can't tell.

I wonder why I have used the word 'suck' twice, or now three times in this post?


  1. That is an awesome top. There's print and ruffle going on--instant loveliness! :)

  2. That shirt is really pretty! I love the print and the ruffles. And I'm totally jealous that you get to wear sweatpants tomorrow.

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  3. Aw honey, I hope your day starts sucking less! You look incredible in this outfit, the pants fit you perfectly and I love the bright colors in that blouse.

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  4. Love the top and prints looks good =)


  5. Love the top - it is so fun! How exciting that you get to wear sweats - that is so cute!

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  6. I heart floral shirts and ruffles make it even better! :)


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